Race Information

The route

The route takes runners from Wolverhampton to Birmingham along the canal tow-paths. The surface of the tow-paths varies along the course from gravel, to grass/trail to paved so please wear appropriate footwear for multi - terrains. The route is a public right of way and therefore open to other users, please be courteous and considerate to anyone you encounter. The towpath is quite narrow in places so please run in single file away from the canal, if you need to overtake simply shout a friendly warning and overtake on canal side, if someone asks to pass you please move away from the canal to allow them to overtake. Please remember that the runner you are passing will be focused on their own race so you may need to call a few times, it is up to you to choose appropriate passing places. The course will have marshals at approx. every mile, clear directional signs and mile markers. 

Please take care of running near the canal – it is likely possible to stand up in if you do fall in, make your way to a low point that is then easier to climb out from!

Please do not litter the course!

The Tunnel

Just after 4 miles you will meet the Coseley Tunnel, it is 329m long and it does get quite dark...The ground is uneven but there is a handrail throughout to use. We light the tunnel as best we can but given its nature and location it does present a logistical challenge. If you are at all worried please bring along a hand or head torch, remember it will also be a lot lighter if you lift your shades up! Please do not try to overtake in the tunnel.

Drink stations

Drinks stations will be at located at around 3 mile intervals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 miles. Each drink station will offer water and electrolyte in cups. Littering will not be tolerated – runners must dispose of waste in the bins provided or leave it with a marshal.