frequently asked questions

  • Is there a bag drop? and where?

  • Yes, bags or items which you want to have at the end of the race, are transportable from the start area and available for collection from the Malt House pub car park in Brindley Place. There is no additional charge for this and is built into your race fees. On the race bib is a detachable strip to wrap around your bag in order to identify which bag belongs to whom. We will transport the bags in the waves set off so by the time you get to the finish your bag will have arrived.

  • Where do I get my goody bag?

  • Goody bags are in the baggage area in the Malt House Car park, so if you don't have a bag please don't forget to visit the goody bag area to collect your mementos for the day.

  • Are there showers?

  • Yes, showers will be provided on the day so you can freshen up after the race and spend the rest of the day soaking up the sun and rehydrating in the gorgeous Brindley Place.

  • Weils Disease - What is it?

  • For more information regarding Weils Disease please visit here