Parking, Transport & Logistics

Car parks

Start - There are numerous parking spaces in Wolverhampton which are chargeable.

Car Parks 

See the link above for locations in Wolverhampton. 

Other locations include around West Park which are limited and on a first come basis, with a 10 min walk to the start.

Car pooling or getting a lift are also ideal. Specialised apps are also plentiful in car hire and availablility.

Finish - There are numerous areas in Birmingham to park. 

Car Parks 


There are frequent services running between Wolverhampton and Birmingham. There are also plenty of thru routes between the two cities. 

Click the link below to find when and where services run near you.

Rail Services 


Metro links are available also between Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Metro Services 

Click the above link to find service times and locations. 

(Potentially cheaper car parking locations can be used with a short hop on the metro to Wolverhampton St Georges with a 10 minute walk from there to the start.)  

Hotels - Stay the night/weekend.

There are an abundance of hotels in and around Wolverhampton and Birmingham for you to stay ready for the start or after the race.

Make a weekend of it.

Check out other exciting activities to do in either Wolverhampton or Birmingham if you are visiting from afar.